Fitting career finish

By Country News on September 06, 2017
  • Fitting career finish

    Athol and Birute Hyland, who have recently left the dairy industry, have been recognised as Master Breeders by Holsteins Australia.

Recognition as Holstein Australia Master Breeders has been the perfect end to Athol and Birute Hyland’s time in the dairy industry.

The Hylands, who ran Amelia Park Holsteins at Stanhope for 17 years, recently began to sell off their herd and have retired to Kelvin View.

‘‘It was just touching and very enjoyable to be able to win that just before we got out,’’ Mr Hyland said.

When working on their 70ha farm, the Hylands were milking 140 cows by themselves and conceded they were simply ‘‘worn out’’ and were now looking forward to enjoying life and travelling, without worrying about the farm each day.

Having already hosted a number of sales, the Hylands will completely sell off their herd by autumn 2019, when their remaining 100 heifers will find a new home.

The Hylands said they had been pleasantly surprised with the results from their sales.

‘‘The first sale was really good, there was only 13 sold but they sold very well,’’ Mr Hyland said.

‘‘They were all registered and we had some good cattle ... We made $10000 for one heifer which was just great,’’ Mrs Hyland said.

With another two to three sales remaining Mr and Mrs Hyland said they were adjusting to their change of scenery and were looking forward to what the future held outside the dairy industry.

By Country News on September 06, 2017

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