Strong results

By Emma Carinci on October 04, 2016
  • Strong results

    Busy scene at the Toland Poll Merino Stud sale last week.

Strong sales at a Violet Town ram sale are not only good news for the stud owners but even better news for the sheep breeding industry.

Toland Poll Merino Stud enjoyed good results at its 29th on-property ram sale last week, which also indicated a promising current state for the industry, stud owner Anna Toland said.

‘‘We were thrilled overall and I think it just goes to show that the sheep and wool industry is in a good place,’’ Ms Toland said.

The stud sold 92 out of its 94 Poll Merino and Merino stud rams, with a top price of $4500 and an average price of $1831.

The top-selling ram had strong Australian Sheep Breeding values including a yearling weight (YMT) of 10, yearling fat of 1.2 (YFAT), yearling eye muscle depth (YEMD) of 2.2 and a yearling worm egg count (YWEC) of -51, putting him in the top 10 per cent in Australia for those four traits.

The top-priced ram, sold to Fowles Pastoral at Longwood, also had a micron count of 18.2 with a standard deviation of 3.1 and a perfect comfort factor score of 100.

Other buyers who have returned to the stud yearly purchased multiple volumes.

‘‘Some breeders from South Australia that have been coming to our sales for the last 17 years bought five Merinos.’’

Sleigh Pastoral Company, at Ruffy, purchased nine Merinos and a new client from Lal Lal Estate at Yendon also purchased nine.

Toland Poll Merino Stud also saw good results in its Dorset stud sale, selling 60 out of 62 rams with a top price of $1150 and an average price of $823.

‘‘We only had 30 on the Friday afternoon before the sale on Monday but we had a lot of phone calls and demand leading up to the sale which was really encouraging and quite thrilling because we only bought the Dorset stud last year,’’ Ms Toland said.

‘‘It was surprising in the sense that it was our first Dorset sale.’’

The top-priced Poll Dorset ram also had excellent figures with an ASBV weaning weight (WWT) of 10.7, post weaning weight (PWWT) of 15.7 and a carcase plus index of 207, also placing him in the top 10 per cent for those three traits in Australia.

The Dorset sale also saw volume buyers including one from Streathan purchasing 10 rams.

‘‘We also had quite a few locals which was really encouraging as it was our first venture.’’

Breeding figures are recorded using LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT for the Toland Poll Merino Stud.

Ms Toland hoped for an equally strong upcoming season for the whole industry to shore up next year’s annual sales in the district.

By Emma Carinci on October 04, 2016

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