Online beef for Chinese

By Country News on December 31, 2015

Chinese consumers can now buy chilled retail-ready Australian beef direct online for the first time in China.

Meat exporter Bindaree Beef Group and its meat sales and marketing business Sanger Australia have partnered with — an online direct sales company in China — to launch First Cut Pure Australian Beef to Chinese consumers in China.

Sanger executive Tim Sullivan hosted a special event, which involved the First Cut celebrity chef Michael Zhao cooking five courses.

‘‘First Cutography was also launched at the event using specially designed First Cut plates with an iPhone holder in the plate,’’ Mr Sullivan said.

‘‘The plates are based on the idea that in 2015, we are all food photographers.

‘‘Whether it be in our own kitchen, a restaurant or café, we are all guilty of taking out our phones and snapping a picture of our food — often before the first bite.

‘‘The First Cut brand was founded on four main pillars of safety, prestige, taste and health.

‘‘These pillars are what distinguish First Cut Pure Australian Beef from other beef products and make it the superior beef that, once Chinese consumers have tasted, they will never again settle for second best.’’

By Country News on December 31, 2015

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