Bull Hereford market

By Country News on December 29, 2015

The Hereford breed has steamrolled through the 2015 spring bull sales season, clearing 1213 bulls worth $7.2million around the nation.

A total of 1459 Hereford bulls were offered at 36 on-property and multi-vendor sales in NSW, Queensland and the Northern Territory since July 3.

The sales have grossed $7.2million to average $5970, and recorded a clearance of 83 per cent.

The top price of $44000 was set at the nation’s biggest whiteface on-property sale, Ironbark Herefords, at Barraba, NSW on August 28.

The top-priced bull came early in the Ironbark sale with Lot 2, Ironbark 0002X Advance J024, selling to repeat clients Noel and Liz Cook of Kindon Station at Goondiwindi in Queensland.

The 23-month-old bull is a son of HH Advance 0002X, weighed 914kg and was described by principal Adrian Spencer as one of the better bulls bred at Ironbark.

J024 ranked in the top three per cent of the breed on BREEDPLAN for 200 and 400-day weight, and eye muscle area, and in the top one per cent for 600-day weight and milk.

Ironbark principal Adrian Spencer said the sale result reflected the buoyant cattle market and strong demand for proven performance genetics.

He said the strong cull bull market had encouraged commercial clients to cash in their old bulls and reinvest in new sires.

The Ironbark sale came close to recording a $1million gross for the single biggest number of bulls offered at an on-property sale of 207.

A total of 144 sold for an average of $6410.

NSW Hunter Valley stud Curracabark Herefords smashed the national breed record for a sale average at auction with a thumping $9681 at its on-property sale on August 1.

The record eclipsed the benchmark set by New England Poll Hereford stud Yalgoo, Walcha, NSW, in August of $8881, and the record set by Injemira Beef Genetics, Wagga Wagga, of $8217 in February.

Yalgoo had the second-highest-selling bull at $32000.

The 23-month-old bull weighed 820kg, had a scrotal circumference of 40cm and Breedplan estimated breeding values of +3.2kg for birthweight, +80kg for 600-day weight, +5.4sqcm for eye muscle area, and +1.0 for intramuscular fat percentage.

Yalgoo Jet J157 (AI) (P), was the first progeny of American sire NJW 73S M362 Trust 100W to be offered in Australia, and was bought by new client Matt Kelley of Warragundi Beef Company at Currabubula in NSW.

By Country News on December 29, 2015

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