VFF critical of advisory group

By Country News on December 09, 2015

Livestock farmers say they are not satisfied with the newly appointed Animal Welfare Advisory Committee because it is lacking in expertise.

VFF Livestock Group president Ian Feldtmann said there was an absence of extensive livestock industry experience on the committee and it was too heavily weighted to ‘‘animal rights’’.

‘‘The appointment of Glenys Oogjes, an executive director of Animals Australia, is our biggest concern,’’ Mr Feldtmann said.

‘‘There is a stark difference between animal welfare and animal rights and in the case of Animals Australia they have neither at their heart.’’

Mr Feldtmann said the purpose of the committee, appointed by the Victorian Government, was to support best practice across animal industries.

‘‘We believe there should be a key role for farmers with on-the-ground experience to assist.’’

Mr Feldtmann said the presence of Animals Australia on the committee raised more questions than answers.

‘‘The RSCPA is a legitimate animal welfare group whose priority is the wellbeing of animals.

‘‘Animals Australia are simply an extreme activist group whose intention is to ensure the farming of animals ceases at all costs.’’

He said the VFF took animal welfare seriously and was working with key bodies such as the RSPCA and DEDJTR to ensure farmers always did the right thing.

Veterinarians, an animal welfare scientist, a barrister and an equine welfare manager are among the committee members.

By Country News on December 09, 2015

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